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Dunedin Massage Master


Here are some of Sonny’s many testimonials :

Have O.O.S both shoulders and arms. Sonny the first person who has said he will teach and show me how to fix it. Working on the whole body, not just the pain-full bits, gave me back my energy that the pain has taken away. He shouldn’t be the last stop but the first.

Sonny resurrected my back!

Feeling better each time – Body, Mind and Soul. Thank you Sonny for helping me to realize that our strength comes from within and that we have the power to control how and when we use it. I feel stronger each time we work. In a mental sense especially but physically too. Your exercises reap benefits more quickly than a lot of my swimming training. I feel smoother in the water and my push-offs are more powerful…

I found Sonny and his training very enjoyable, beneficial, motivating and loved the challenges he set for me to improve weaknesses and enhance my strengths.

I came across Sonny in June 97 shortly before leaving Dunedin after 5 years in this city. Sonny is one of a kind and has a genuine interest in the human body and spirit, with a unique talent for healing. It is my good fortune to have Sonny attend to my ailments, but bad fortune that I am leaving. I would like more time. He has helped in ways I least expected. I will come back to see Sonny and strongly recommend him if you suffer aches, pains, stress or just want to feel good.

Dear Sonny I had heard how good you were and I thought well like most things in life it will be half as good as you hear maybe. Well I am so glad that every now and again things are even better than you hear. Sonny you’ve known me for years and know that I’ve pushed my old body pretty hard sometimes and it was getting kind of stiff and sore, but after seeing you just once I feel 10 years younger, thank you. I would, will and do recommend you to any and all.

Since my first sessions with sonny as a thirteen year old, he helped me open my eyes and guide/initiate me to ideas, theories, challenges and what I could truly be capable of.

I have learnt that wisdom comes with experience. From simple things like learning to relax and flow with the body not against, you then can start to move onto the next level excellence.

Its been off and on for six years, but feel I just started learning/sensing. Thanks for keeping me on the right track and tuning my body, you are a great friend and mentor.

Apart from helping me to cure my Hyper-active Thyroid-ism, an incurable illness, Sonny has helped me to realize tat my attitude directly influences how I relate to people and impacts the quality of the decisions I make in my life.

I came to Dunedin to do a dance show, but perhaps even better than that was meeting sonny and having weekly sessions with him. I feel so much better now, more focused, a lot more happy, and able to help myself live a good happy life. Everyone who is having treatment would benefit from going to the breathing classes! Thank you Sonny.

When I first came to see sonny I was a mess – four years of being unable to work due to early childhood trauma. All the psychotherapy hadn’t been able to get to what was locked in my body beyond words. Sonny’s technique has helped me release the terrifying memories that were keeping me stuck, opening up new possibilities for myself that I had never imagined. After the pain + terror of releasing and re experiencing the memories more room for self-love, joy, humour and compassion has been made.

I am so impressed by the difference that Sonny has made to my life that I am considering studying his technique in order to help others. Thank you Sonny – the world needs more of your kind.

We need Sonny’s service in Auckland area. I can say he made a difference to me in 3days. I’m sorry I’m going back to AK because of business. Best wishes for the future Sonny. You are great mate!

For anyone who wants to have more energy, more self-awareness and greater self satisfaction, Sonny is your man. I have been seeing Sonny for three years now and in this time I have learnt more about my body, how it works and how to correct years of incorrect training than all my years of both amateur and professional rugby. Sonny’s knowledge of how the body reacts in different circumstances and under various stresses is equal to, if not greater than, all the physios and medical personnel that I have been involved with. I have no hesitation recommending Sonny to people because I know that once they meet and have a session with him, all his actions will speak louder than words
Kees Meeuws, All Black

I am a registered medical practitioner and have been a client of Mr Chin for a period of two months. I have been extremely satisfied by the outcomes of the service provided by Mr Chin. Mr Chin demonstrates a highly commendable dedication and commitment to his clinical practice. Mr Chin has an holistic approach concerning any individual. His assessment and management involves consideration of psychological, physiological and spiritual factors. I personally vouch for Mr Chin’s professionalism and his ability to achieve excellent health benefits for his clients
Dr Dennis W. Pisk

I was introduced to Sonny, by a friend you had helped a great deal. I feel so grateful to have been helped so much. It has been so debilitating to carry this pain for years and years and so liberating and joyful to feel it leaving my body, mind and heart. I feel like I am walking out of your space with a lightened spirit that will serve me well in the years to come.

Mind-blowing, unexpected, one-of-a-kind!! Still so buzzing that I almost don’t know what to write! I’m amazed and curious. Made me swear, sweat, laugh, shout and cry – sometimes all at once! Thank you Sonny & God bless you and your lovely smile. Hope to see you in 2009.

I have travelled may parts of SE Asia and India while visiting many healers. Sonny has a true gift and talent for helping people and is one of the few “real” ones I have experienced! Good luck Sonny and thank you…

I’m very glad that our ways met in Dunedin. It’s amazing because I was trying to change things & thoughts in my life when I came to New Zealand and it was you who could tell me more about those things and how they come together. Now I understand more and try to live myself. I appreciate your work and feel very comfortable and proud to be around you. You got such a pleasant smile and I will remember your words. Thank you!!!

Great opportunity to grow and develop if you persevere and are open to change! a life time journey and a very rich source of hope and power. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. :)

I was dysfunctional emotionally and physically until I saw Sonny. He made me understand the definition of winning over my emotion that has lead me to be a functional, happy, well, human being. It has helped me recognise the inner strength that lies within oneself to fight the war within. In saying this I am currently seeded No1 in the country in pool since 2002, represented NZ to the world champs and consecutively represented NZ for the test team 2001 – 2005. Thank you so much Sonny.

Thanks Sonny. Your techniques are brutally effective, and I have appreciated the intensity of your approach. All the best for the future of your important work here. Ill be recommending you. In appreciation.

Thanks ever so much – quite mind-blowing, and I’m looking forward to the new me!

An incredible experience for an Australian who has experienced so much that has been unknown but now known. Released beyond all expectations; restored with hope. Sonny is an amazing triumph of the human kind. In kind peace and love, Sonny returns to the human spirit that which has been so missing in me. I had lost my foot print on earth – now I’ve been returned to a space I know and love. In peace.

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