Sonny Chin

Dunedin Massage Master

Cancer Clinic

Sonny Healing

Action to rejuvenate for your quality of life.

Learn effective and practical techniques to enhance and improve yourself.

  1. Creating the right mental attitude.
  2. Unlocking and addressing the primary cause of the stagnant energy (c).
  3. Drawing the spirit back into the physical and emotional body.
  4. Cleaning the aura body from the outside of the physical body.
  5. Reclaiming the love of oneself.
  6. Re-balancing the left and right side of the body and the central seven energy centers.
  7. Learn how to draw the finest and purest vibration back into your body.
  8. Techniques to let go of daily annoyances.
  9. Strengthen the physical body (constructively).
  10. Learn the 3 L System

$100 per hour is your investment to help rejuvenate your life.

No results no payment.

Sonny Chin Massage

Relocated to:
25 Hawthorne Avenue

Sonny Chin Massage

Office: 03 4250606
Mobile: 027 4363909

We are open:
Monday to Friday: 9am till 5pm
Saturdays: 10am till 5pm


Day Style Time
Tuesday: Qigong and Ren Xue 6pm
Saturday: Qigong plus Tai Chi Chuan 12 noon

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