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Stagnation of the body.

Level 1 – Tiredness

Mental and physical fatigue is the sign that sickness has begun. A good night’s sleep will relieve anxiety in a healthy body.

Level 2 – Aches and Pains

If tiredness persists through daily activities, excessive muscular tension creates chronic aches, acute pains and constriction to the body: ie. Shortness of breath, headache, irregular heartbeat, nerve entrapment (sciatica, pins and needles in fingers and feet), numbness and restriction of movement (e.g. neck and lower back).

Level 3 – Blood Problems

Prolonged muscular tension creates blood problems: the organs are contracted and restricted. Poor blood circulation creates disturbances all over the body, i.e. high and low blood pressure, anaemia, asthma and skin diseases. At the mind level: nervousness, depression, loss of direction, timidity.

Level 4 – Emotional Disorders

Long periods of improper quality of blood and circulation causes emotional disorders to begin, e.g. anger, frustration, resentment, fear, anxiety, worry, impatience. One has diffuculty in coping and dealing with life.

Level 5 – Organ Diseases

Long periods of imbalance in the blood can produce changes in the organs and glands. Malfunction and degeneration begins, e.g. several forms of cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, kidney and gal stones. In the mind: nervous disorders.

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