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High quality attractive jewellery with healthy benefits improving:

  • Balance and mental focus
  • Endurance and Flexibility
  • Energy and Strength

All jewellery is embedded with a "chip" that is programmed under Nano Vibrations Technology.
This generates a subtle energy frequency that matches the natural bio-feild frequency in the body cells.

"Vitality through Technology"

Brief Summary of QEEG study using Shuzi

The QEEG, or brain mapping, has proven to be a reliable measure of a person's brain wave activity and generates a detailed 2 or 3 dimensional picture of that person's brain
This measure was used to evaluate the effects of Shuzi technology on brain wave activity.
So far 9 subjects have been assessed and showed an average improvement of 20.88% in cognitive efficiency and 18.88% in emotional efficiency after wearing a Shuzi bracelet for 30 minutes.
So far 7 of the 9 subjects have been assesed after wearing the Shuzi bracelet for 7 - 10 days and showed an average improvement of 25.57% in cognitive efficiency and 21.85% in emotional efficiency.
This neuropsychophysiologist concludes that Shuzi has a significant positive impact on the subjects brain functions with or without neurofeedback training
Only 4 of the subjects were receiving neurofeedback training. This clinician has observed faster and greater progress in neurofeedback training.
The implications of this outcome of this study highly suggest that this technology could potentially promote quicker and better progress when being used in conjunction with training or treatments.

Pat Benefield, MHDL, CRT, CBIS-T, CCAA
Neuropsychophysiology Clinician
Hickory, NC

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