Sonny Chin

Dunedin Massage Master

Do you suffer from physical pain?

Headache, whiplash, neck, shoulder, back, carpel tunnel, tennis, elbow, bladder problems, stomach ache, sciatica, knee pain, archilles tendon / heel, sore feet?

Do you hold onto negative attitudes and experiences, fears, guilt, low self worth, and low self esteem?

Don’t suffer in silence... Do something about it and visit me today.

“For anyone who wants to have more energy, more self-awareness and greater self satisfaction, Sonny is your man. I have been seeing Sonny for three years now and in this time I have learnt more about my body, how it works and how to correct years of incorrect training than all my years of both amateur and professional rugby. Sonny’s knowledge of how the body reacts in different circumstances and under various stresses is equal to, if not greater than, all the physios and medical personnel that I have been involved with. I have no hesitation recommending Sonny to people because I know that once they meet and have a session with him, all his actions will speak louder than words”
Kees Meeuws, All Black

“I am a registered medical practitioner and have been a client of Mr Chin for a period of two months. I have been extremely satisfied by the outcomes of the service provided by Mr Chin. Mr Chin demonstrates a highly commendable dedication and commitment to his clinical practice. Mr Chin has an holistic approach concerning any individual. His assessment and management involves consideration of psychological, physiological and spiritual factors. I personally vouch for Mr Chin’s professionalism and his ability to achieve excellent health benefits for his clients”
Dr Dennis W. Pisk

Sonny Chin Massage

Relocated to:
25 Hawthorne Avenue

Sonny Chin Massage

Office: 03 4250606
Mobile: 027 4363909

We are open:
Monday to Friday: 9am till 5pm
Saturdays: 10am till 5pm


Day Style Time
Tuesday: Qigong and Ren Xue 6pm
Saturday: Qigong plus Tai Chi Chuan 12 noon

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